Friday, Oct 09 — Alexandr Andoni from Columbia University

The next Foundations of Data Science virtual talk will take place on Friday, Oct 09th at 10:00 AM Pacific Time (1:00 pm Eastern Time, 18:00 Central European Time, 17:00 UTC).  Alexandr Andoni from Columbia University will speak about “Approximating Edit Distance in Near-Linear Time”.

Abstract: Edit distance is a classic measure of similarity between strings, with applications ranging from computational biology to coding. Computing edit distance is also a classic dynamic programming problem, with a quadratic run-time solution, often taught in the “Intro to Algorithms” classes. Improving this runtime has been a decades-old challenge, now ruled likely-impossible using tools from the modern area of fine-grained complexity. We show how to approximate the edit distance between two strings in near-linear time, up to a constant factor. Our result completes a research direction set forth in the breakthrough paper of [Chakraborty, Das, Goldenberg, Koucky, Saks; FOCS’18], which showed the first constant-factor approximation algorithm with a (strongly) sub-quadratic running time.

Joint work with Negev Shekel Nosatzki, available at

Please register here to join the virtual talk.

The series is supported by the NSF HDR TRIPODS Grant 1934846.

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